20 year old cab driver arrested for kidnap and murder of a Bank official in Mumbai, India

An assistant manager of a bank in the financial capital of our country, Mumbai, has been found dead! On September 11th, 2018, all news channels were buzzing with the news of the murder of Siddharth Sanghvi, a bank official working in Mumbai.

So, what happened and why are we “verifiers” of Verifitech India giving so much importance to this news?

The Crime-

On 5th September, a missing person complaint was registered for Siddharth. Not long after that, the Mumbai police had cornered and detained a 20-year-old cab driver on the basis of suspicion. Soon, the cab driver confessed to the crime and led the police towards the victim’s remains.

Importance of Cab-Driver Verification

[Source- Thanks to indiatoday.in – 11th September]

The Motive-

The investigation is on-going and the police haven’t finalized on the motive for the murder. It is said that the Cab driver, Shaik, could have killed the banker in a fit of rage. Shaik claims that he tried to rob from Siddharth and when the banker refused to obey, he was forced to take this extreme step!

The police are also looking at the case from the angle of “Office Rivalry” as the cab driver claims that he was hired by Siddharth’s colleagues to murder him due to competition and envy.

Either way, one thing is certain and that is, the cab driver has been directly involved in the murder of Siddharth and he has carried the remains of the victim in his cab and disposed of it 60 km away from the crime scene!

Importance of Cab Driver Verification

In a news article, the cab driver is referred to as working for app-based cabs. In another article, he is referred to as working for a cab aggregator. The media may want to protect the employer of the criminal because it is unfair to hold them responsible for a crime they never committed. It is just ONE of their employee. But what they do not realize is, their name will not stay in dark for long. People will surely start probing into the matter and find out who employed this criminal! The employer will have to stay in constant fear for the safety of their business and reputation.

Here is where we “verifiers” of Verifitech India come together to make all the employers understand the importance of Cab driver Verification”.

Shaik was actually working for the employer on a contract basis and hence the employer might have not felt the need of conducting a complete background verification on him. This has led to the state where the employer has to face the heat for a small error in judgment.

We say, do not go on hunches and instincts. Because nothing is huge when compared to the safety and reputation of your business/ organization. If this employer had conducted a formal “Cab driver Verification” on all his employees, he could have avoided being put in this spot!

Are we ending crimes?

Absolutely not. We never said that the crime could have been avoided. Verifying and analyzing a person’s details like his whereabouts, education, reviews from ex-employers etc. could have protected the company that hired him to a large extent. This way, the employer need not have to fall in the middle of all this trouble.

The reputation of an organization is not dependent on “all” of its employees, but it is dependent on “each” of its employees. Even if one wrong candidate is on-boarded in the organization, the repercussions can be equally huge and devastating.

Hence, “VERIFY first & build TRUST”!



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