What could go wrong in hiring without a proper background check

Talent acquisition and management requires a huge investment of time and money. In recent days, Employee background screening plays an important role in the process of recruitment. Majority of firms do background checks on their job applicants before making an official hiring decision. In fact, recruiting a wrong candidate affects a company’s growth in more […]

Why are background checks important despite roadblocks?

Roadblocks and the Checklist Comprehensive background checks are moving into the limelight slowly but steadily. There is a lot of acceptance for it in many companies now. It acts as a measure of failsafe for most of the companies. It favors the organization in many ways. It helps the company in determining whether a candidate […]

An Insight on Background verification Checks in India

Unlike in the western countries, importance of Background verification for Employment purpose has not been realized in India. Usually Background checks are carried out in India by the organizations only when their end client insist the same. Unless otherwise there is a specific requirement from the clients, most of the companies will not prefer to […]

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