Why big corporates are so concerned about employee background verification

Employee background screening has become a standard part of the hiring process where a recruiter investigates the backgrounds of potential candidates to select the best fit. Most of the Multinational firms have incorporated this process to verify the claims made by the applicant at the time of interview. The primary objective of this process is to reduce the risk of hiring a wrong candidate. It is estimated that up to 40 percent of resume could contain false information. The growth of any business is in the hands of employees and, that is why employers are keen on hiring only skillful candidates. Big multi-national firms hire in large numbers and, they prefer to hire third-party verifiers to run a thorough background check on potential candidates. A proper and thorough verification should be done on job applicants’ to hire a right candidate for the key positions.

Job competency is one of the important factors for conducting background verification. In this highly competitive job market, one has to secure their place at the right time. Only limited opportunities are available and, it is destined for the candidates who are possessing impressive skills and knowledge. Due to this reason, job seekers might include false information to secure their position. Fortunately, performing background checks on applicants and employees turn out to be an effective way to eliminate candidates with falsifications.

An organization’s most important objective is to create a safer work environment for their employees. Considering this objective, employers either verify on their own or seek third-party verifiers to safeguard their reputations by creating safer and secure work environment. Criminal history and court records are a great indicator of the risk that a potential candidate brings to the organization. With the help of background verification, an employer can access job applicants’ criminal history and hence can discover potential issues that could affect the work environment.

These are very obvious reasons why big corporate companies are so concerned about employee background verification in the process of hiring. Employers do conduct background verification to help ensure a sound recruiting decision and safeguard the company from a number of possible jeopardies.

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