For every Start-up company, Background Verification is the first step towards Growth and Profit

Building a company with a strong foothold in every Employer’s dream. To build such a reputed brand, trusted employees are the key factor. But finding such talented employees is not an easy task. The company must also find the potential candidates with moral values apart from their educational and professional qualification. The pressure in hiring the right candidate is even higher if the company is a start-up and at their budding stage. It’s like a bond between the founder and the members of the professional family. The member will help in the growth of the company along with their growth.

There was a time when the candidate had to wait all day long for an interview at the company. Then he had to wait for a couple of months to get a reply from the company. But now everything has changed in this economy where almost everything is electronic. Likewise, your job offer is also just a click away. You don’t need a hard copy to showcase your capabilities, just a LinkedIn profile is enough.

Everything is fine up to here. Still, a question is hanging unanswered! How do we verify the candidate’s credibility?

Now, this is where the Third Party Employment Background Verification Companies come in. They make the job of verifying the credibility much easier for the company. Verifitech is one of the Top & Premier Employment Background Verification Companies in Chennai, India when it comes to Professional background verification.  We make sure no stone is left unturned in the background verification process.

As the rise of social media platforms, fake ID’s and fake data’s are spread across the internet. It is because they do not ask for background verification during the registration process. A study shows that the overall discrepancy rate is rising every year at an alarming rate.

So, all the available information via online cannot be blindly taken for consideration as a solid proof of identity and the qualifications they have stated are true.

So that begs the question ‘Where Do Candidates Lie?’

Most of the conversations between the employer and an employee take place online. While hiring through a portal, the recruiter can’t go back every time to the candidate’s former company to cross verify the income and other required details.

There are about many ways candidates lie often to their employers and employment holds the topmost position in that list.


Should we really verify the Candidate’s Profile?

The answer is undoubtedly a big ‘YES.’ As the company starts to grow higher and higher, it is extremely important to make sure that the hire is made flawless. Unlike the popular myth that the bigger companies must outsource the Background Screening Process and the smaller companies have to do it in-house; but the outcome of the recent research and survey reveals that the Third Party Background Screening is more effective than the in-house Verification process carried out by the same HR team who sourced and shortlisted the candidates. Which is a very important fact for all companies to consider despite their size; as the Third Party Background Screening plays a vital role which helps HR’s to take right hiring decision to safeguard their organization.

Verifitech India provides special rates and customized combos especially for start-ups and small enterprises. Hence, it is a necessity for every company to conduct solid background verification with the help of Employee Background Verification Companies like Verifitech India before hiring their future employees.

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