Forged education documents and certificates are more widespread in our country than most of us are aware of. Due to the intense race for employment in our country, it has become a staple thing for the students to fake or fudges their mark sheets and educational certificates. As we know it is an illegal and […]

Alert today – Alive tomorrow!

Generally, being on drugs is a very harmful thing to do. Driving with the influence of it makes the whole situation ever worse and critical. It is an illegal offence to drive under the influence of alcohol or any kind of drugs.  It will definitely make your accuracy in driving limited. It makes you very […]

Risks you can avoid when background verification plays a pivotal role in your Hiring process

                                     Inadequate Diligence in the process of hiring often creates potential risks which could turn your reputation upside down. Recruiting the right talent is the most important key to success. As a recruiter, we should understand the importance of a strong recruitment process. In fact, recruiters often get cheated with false information in the resume and […]

Latest News and Trends in the Background Verification Industry

In a recent survey, Google has revealed that they themselves have fired over 40 employees in the last 2 years alone, due to sexual harassment issues at the workplace. It is a well-known fact that Google is among the top 20 most desirable employers in the world. Which means, every graduate who is looking to […]

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