Workplace safety is a must considerable factor in any business organization. “A happy employee will always be a productive employee”. To have happy, loyal, and satisfied employees, an organization must ensure a safe workplace where employees can work freely and safely. Workplace safety does not mean that a workplace which is completely free of any […]

Conducting Employee Background verifications are necessary MORE THAN EVER!!!

Hiring the best and rejecting the rest is the model every business organization should follow to stand high and reputed among their competitors. Employee Background verification is known to be the best option to hire good and capable candidates based on scientific assessments. Verifitech India – we are regarded as top preferred Employee Background Verification […]

Basic Background Check vs. Proper Employee Background Verification

Employee background verification has proven as a crucial aspect in a volatile hiring scenario. The process involved in hiring a person has evolved and now the hiring a human resource definitely requires proper selection mechanism in place. In India, most organizations are yet to give importance to the background verification process as it deserves. A […]

Employee Background Verification – Leave No Stones Unturned!

Every time when a business organization wants to recruit a resource for any role, there are a few standard interview procedures that are to be done to invite eligible and talented resources. The role available and the job description must be published on relevant platforms, so that interested candidates can submit their applications for consideration. […]

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