A workplace is where we spend most of our time and workplace safety is so much important just like our home. Every organization must ensure a safe environment so that employees can work safely and comfortably. We can’t make our workplace totally safe but at a certain level, we can do. Employee background verification does play a crucial role in ensuring a safe workplace. Before hiring an employee background checks like address verification, drug usage test, a criminal background check is mandatory. A criminally minded person can be destructive for the employees as well as for company goodwill. Working with third-party verifiers can make the process go far more smoothly. Verifitech India – we are regarded as top preferred Employee Background Verification Companies in India.

By making sure that the company is not appointing criminals, fraudsters, rapists or a person who is charged with any illegal activity, can save everyone a lot of trouble in the long run.

What every company should verify in employee background verification?

  1. Court Record:

First and foremost step of criminal history check is to verify court records. This is helpful to confirm that the candidate doesn’t have any legal charges against him/her and he/she is not involved in any active case. These details will help to conclude whether to hire the candidate or not.

  1. Crime Watch List:

Secondly, the credentials of the candidate must be run through the databases of crime watch list to verify any matches are there or not. If it is matched, then the candidate has a high possibility to be involved in any criminal activities. So, it is better to avoid such suspicious profiles.

  1. Credit Oversight:

It is very important to verify a candidate’s financial history, mainly how he/she is handling client funds. If the candidate is backsliding on credit payments and having a large debt then he/she can be a high risk to the company when hired.

  1. Reputational Risk from Regulatory Bodies:

A criminal check will help to give HR an idea about the candidate and the reputational risk from hiring that candidate. If the candidate was involved in some disreputable business in his/her previous company, then it is a high risk to hire.

  1. Civil Litigation:

There might be some cases where the candidate is not fully involved in any criminal case filed against him, but might be involved in civil litigation. Only criminal record verification can identify the details of the suit, and the company will get a clear idea if the candidate is a good hire or not.

A background check is safety quantification for companies to cushion themselves as well as the employees. Let’s protect ourselves from possible threats in a smart way by conducting a thorough employee background on every employee. Building trust should be smart, thus strongly suggesting you to hire the best background verification companies in India for your recruitment routine.

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