Common Resume Lies a Background Check Can Reveal

Nowadays the number of websites giving guides and tips on how to create fake resumes due to the fact that falsifying information on resumes has become so common. Distinguishing fiction from the fact on a candidates resume can be problematic for business owners and Human resource managers. But, it is a dilemma a Background verification […]

Impact of Technology on Background Screening Industry

Technology continues to empower and revolutionize many businesses across industries. In the context of India, the level of market penetration for background screening industry is still low; technology is playing a vital growth. With the increasing awareness among recruiters about the possible risks involved in hiring candidates without proper List Of Background Verification Companies In […]

Avoid unfortunate incidents with Psychometric Analysis

There is always a divided opinion among recruiters on whether to conduct psychometric testing for employees while recruiting or Background Verification Companies In Bangalore . Even though there is no definite study that these tests work, there is a possibility by conducting psychometric test we can avoid adverse incidents like the following, A senior manager at […]

Rising Crime Highlights the Need for Background Verification

We are living in a world which is full of lies and deceits all around. Crimes such as drug abuse by employees, white collar crime, sexual harassment, etc. in the workplaces are growing with the negligence of Background verification by some employers. In order to protect your company from such potential risks, background verification is […]

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