Avoid unfortunate incidents with Psychometric Analysis

There is always a divided opinion among recruiters on whether to conduct psychometric testing for
employees while recruiting or Background Verification Companies In Bangalore . Even though there is no definite study that these tests work, there is a possibility by conducting psychometric test we can avoid adverse incidents like the following,
A senior manager at Tata Steel Production (TSPDL) was shot dead at the Faridabad office. This
unfortunate incident happened due to the fact that a sacked employee cannot take his dismiss lightly.
According to police, the murder was carried by Vishwash Pandey an ex-employee of (TSPDL) at the
Faridabad branch. The accused who hails from Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh brought a pistol for Rs, 90000
with 25 bullets for committing the crime. He even carried out two practice shots in a park two days prior
to two days from Diwali. When asked, Vishwash Pandey said that the deceased Arindam Pal has plotted
against him with the other employees at the office to get him fired from the job. This is the reason he
murdered deceased said higher police official from Faridabad police. When asked about the accused,
the police answered that arrest comes in the nick of time as he planned to escape to Singapore, where
he had secured a job recently. He has arrested Faridabad near the Sainik colony and confessed to the

How a psychometric analysis of employees would have prevented this incident?

Psychometric testing as a recruiting tool can help to reduce risks by revealing a candidates character and
behavioral patterns. Personality profiling possibly can evaluate how an applicant behaves in a specific
situation, like whether or not if he/she can handle the pressure situations if offered the job.
In an interview process, it is easy to evaluate a candidate’s education, experience, and skillset than
analyzing their performance and personality traits. Psychometric testing aims to solve this problem and
offer as much insight into a candidate’s suitability possible.
The main goal is to concede the applicant’s response in a peculiar situation, attitude and preference,
and reaction and actions. Using this in an interview process, the recruiter will venture to read if the
applicant fits into the business culture and the contour they are looking for. Here, attitudes, values,
behavior, opinions, interests, are all put into thought.
In the above case, if the recruiter has done any sort of psychometric test on the accused, there may be a
the possibility that his impulsive behavior might have known and this unfortunate incident can be avoided.

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