Do personality Checks help you hire smarter?

When hiring an employee, you don’t just look for a candidate who is qualified for the job, but also
someone fits into the companies work culture. Hiring an employee who is not in sync with the work
culture can have a negative impact on the company atmosphere. This is a huge reason to assess a
candidate’s personality and character rather than just hiring based on skills and knowledge.
Personality checks are becoming a very common means of hiring among the HR recruiters. In the
present scenario, companies need much more than just “fail-pass” test to choose candidates. Along with
the background verification process such as educational verification, criminal verification companies
should incorporate personality assessment to get a better insight into how well a candidate will fit in.
Still confused about how personality checks benefits? Here are some reasons to include personality
assessments in the hiring process.

Evaluate the candidate’s character
For roles such as sales or management, an individual attitude is very important, personality checks can
help to measure it. Although there is no right or wrong answer, there are some traits that make
candidates suitable for certain jobs. For instance, for a management role, a candidate would be tested
for his/her decision-making skills but the same cannot be termed for a job like security jobs which
requires more physical durability than the critical thinking traits. In short, a personality assessment can
be a great tool to analyze a candidate’s behavior in certain critical situations.

Better interview process
Even though a personality check cannot predict a candidate’s performance, they can certainly give
guidance when hiring an employee. For instance, it is very hard to evaluate a person with no previous
experience like recent graduates, in these situations personality checks come in handy by assessing a
person’s personality traits. This makes the interview process easy as once the recruiter has completed
the personality checks then they can move ahead to the important questions and issues in the interview

Quicker Results
Personality inspections are done online and the output is instantly presented on the screen. These
results can be emailed to HR within no time. This implies that there is no loss of time and your interview
procedure does not get delay.

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