IS Employee verification the Key to Prevent Sexual Harassment?

Even though sexual harassment has hit the headlines in recent times due to the #METOO movement, sexual harassment has always been an issue in the corporate offices.  A recent survey conducted by INBA with 6047 participants shows that the majority of them have experienced some form of sexual harassment at the workplace. Usually, it is the senior leaders who are associated with sexual harassment but the survey shows a different picture that anyone can be an offender like supervisors, junior-level managers. This may cause talented employees to leave causing a significant dent to the reputation. This can be avoided by following these steps.

Screening employees to generate trust

Being hands-on is the best way to prevent sexual cases in the workplace. With a great emphasis on performing Top 10 Background Verification Companies In Chennai, companies can reduce the risk of hiring a potential offender. Not just junior-level employee’s background verification should be conducted on all levels including CEOs and senior managers.  Employee background verification process is a proven way to create trust within the company and protect the brand reputation by avoiding the legal issues. Most companies are consolidation their policies on sexual harassment by pulling up the data of current employees for screening with the aid background verification companies.

While making a comprehensive sexual harassment policy companies should also educate all level of employees on the policy and how crucial it is. This policy should also include thorough background verification for its existing employees.

Few ways to avoid hiring toxic employees

Create a complaints committee: This committee should take all in complaints about sexual harassment and should be well trained in mandates, state, and central legislations.

Conduct ongoing training sessions: Regular orientation and training to all employees about the zero-tolerance policy towards harassment will ensure maximum awareness among the employees.

Complete confidentiality: Companies should offer an empathetic and safe atmosphere to the victims when they share their experience by protecting privacy and keeping it confidential.

Record the complaint: If required the victim should be allowed to file an FIR. And, every evidence should be recorded because complaint readdressing is very important eventually.

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