Best practices to reduce employee hiring cycle

It is a dreading jobs for HR and recruiters to a scuffle between countless resumes and shortlists only a few relevant candidates. Hiring is not an easy process, sometimes it takes longer than expected to hire the right candidate suitable for the vacancy. However, with an organized approach, the recruiters can cut down the time required for verifying and assessing a candidate. Here are the best practices which can help fasten the hiring process,

Have clear expectations in the job description

The job description will be the initial contact between the company and the candidate looking for a job. It gives them insight into what company’s expects from the job aspirant, so it should be very detailed and clear. From this, a candidate can evaluate his abilities and decide whether it is suitable for the job, company or profile.

Virtual conversation along with resume

While a resume is very important while hiring, it should not be the only criteria when shortlisting candidates for the interview. A virtual conversation (video or telephonic conversation) along with the resume inspection should be conducted to ask questions that are not present in the resume. For example, a telephonic interview can help to assess the candidate’s communication skills and evaluate the basic skills.

Questions to check soft skills

Having a set of question prepared beforehand to check the soft skills of a candidate is very important. No matter how qualified a candidate is for the position, their technical skills should complement with soft skills such as leadership qualities, teamwork, conflict responsibility, and adaptability. Using this we can analyze candidates soft skills with accuracy.

Checking with the former employer

After a candidate is assessed for his/her qualification and skills, the next step is to verify them. Third-party Top Background Verification Companies In Chennai  play a vital role in the recruitment process by avoiding bad hires. To conduct background verification it is necessary to get consent from the candidate, once done a contact can be set with the former employer to verify the crucial information about the candidate. While for fewer candidates it can be done by the company itself, for bulk-hiring it is recommended to outsource to a dedicated background verification company for better result.

Put emphasis on Psychometric analysis and social media verification

The psychometric analysis is very useful in shortening the hiring cycle by shortlisting only the suitable candidates for the position. If a candidate fails in a Psychometric analysis then most likely they are not going to be compatible with the company. Same goes for Social media verification too, if candidates social media behavior is found out not be pleasant then shortlisting he/she is not advisable

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