Avoid the risk of hiring a fraudster with educational verification

Fake educational certificates are more common than people realize. Given the great struggle for jobs in India, it is common for students to fake or fudges their mark sheets and educational certificates. It may seem illegal and wrong, but the ground reality is different as the number of scandal cases and fake college lists getting published by government organizations every year. This issue is real and needs immediate attention, as thousands of candidates across India produce fake certificates to get into a job and students to get into prestigious universities. This scenario poses a great risk to the companies, as they may hire incapable employees which can directly affect the productivity negatively, also this is a great injustice done to the candidates who may lose the job to the people with fake certificates.
While these fake degrees and certificate issue should be tackled under the provision of law. The responsibility also on the employer cautious about these realities and perform complete background verification on the candidates.

The Significance of educational check
Companies do expect some level of qualification, aptitude, and skillset for a certain job when hiring a candidate. From the company’s point of view, these things are basic expectations from a candidate and not verifying and taking on the face value may lead to hiring a wrong candidate unfit for the position. An unqualified will not only underperform but will push the company to undertake another hiring process in order to hire the right candidate. So, hiring professional Background Verification Companies In Chennai can prevent these scenarios from happening.

Why companies ignore educational verification?
Given the speed at which the world travels now, many companies lag the resources, time and the manpower to perform certificate verification for every candidate. In the timid of immediate opening often times the background check gets sacrificed in the name of quick hire. But the cost of saving time and resources is not worth the bad hire may end up doing.

How can Verifitech Help?
Being one of the best List Of Background Verification Companies In Mumbai, Verifitech specializes in carrying educational verifications and providing reliable and quick results. With the extensive database and networks all over India Verifitech can conduct educational verification and check the authenticity of the certificates given by the candidate.

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