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Bangalore, which was called as the garden city and the lake city in the past, now it is called as the electronic city of India. It surely deserves this tile as the increase in the number of MNCs, IT companies, Tech parks etc. has rocketed to sky in the recent times. Apart from the industrial growth, Bangalore is also famous for its educational institutes, colleges and universities. Hence, People from all corners of India, and sometimes abroad, study and work in Bangalore! With these circumstances in mind, Verifitech India has come forth with its unique range of solutions for Background Verification Companies in Bangalore.

Background Verification is not just another HR formality of the recruitment process anymore; it become inevitable part of Employee Hiring Process. Professional Verification has become more of a necessity in recent times. Especially in a city like Bangalore which sees hundreds of new jobs and new employees every day, it is quite difficult for an HR of the company to perform due-diligence on their own. Moreover it requires an effective mechanism to identify and eliminate the fraudulent candidates.

List of Background verification Companies in Bangalore is not limited to employment verification either. The requirement for Cab Driver Verification and House-keeping staff verification has grown by leaps and bounds too.  Imagine the amount of risk involved in trusting a house keeping staff that enters the documents room to clean it or a Cab Driver that drives the female employees to/ from the organization. These situations are just minor examples while there are a lot more risks involved while hiring. Background verification helps the organizations to build trust with their employees.

Verifitech India offers a wide range of Background verification services in Bangalore as follows, but not limited to.

Employment Background Verification

  • Ex- employment verification
  • Address verification
  • Educational Documents verification
  • Criminal records check

Cab- Driver Verification

  • Address verification
  • Criminal records check (Court Database)
  • Ex-employment (on request)

House-keeping staff Verification

  • Address verification
  • Criminal records check (Court Database)
  • Ex-employment (on request)

For large organizations that outsource their requirements like Stationery supplier, house-keeping, transportation etc. to external vendors, Verifitech India also provides Vendor / Supplier due-diligence.


Vendor Due-Diligence

  • Corporate address verification
  • Neighborhood check
  • Legal records check
  • Financial records check
  • Reputation analysis etc.

With the kind of hi- flying culture of Bangalore in mind, Verifitech India also provides 2 more important services and these are

  • Psychometric Analysis
  • Drug Test

Background Verification is the key to mitigate risks in hiring and build trust with the new hires. Lot of Organizations have included Background verification as by third-party verifiers as a compulsory stage of all their hiring processes in Bangalore. Join the revolution to create a safe and trustful work environment in your organization while safeguarding your organization as well from data theft/ Information theft and other risks!

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