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Hyderabad, the royal city known for its Mughal architecture palaces and monuments is also the legal capital of two states, Andra Pradesh and Telangana. Though, Andra Pradesh is going an extra mile in developing Amaravati to take over as the official capital of the state, Hyderabad will always be its capital at heart. The APEDB (Andhra Pradesh Economic Development Board) is coming up with revolutionary schemes and investments to increase the economic growth of the city and create opportunity for its people. This growth in economy has opened up lot of employment opportunities as well. And as the employment opportunities grows, so does the necessity of employment background verification in Hyderabad.

While the government has taken a step forward to invest and help organizations to set up, it is up to the organizations to invest in the right Human Capital. Head hunting and recruitment is limited to finding a candidate that matches the job description in hand. Only a professional Background verification can identify if the candidate is the right match for the organization and its culture.

Background Verification Companies in Hyderabad is not just limited to employment verification. Verification for drivers and transporters is also equally important, especially in city like Amaravati which has a huge number of manufacturing and logistics industries. Conducting background verification is a prevention factor which helps in identifying negative resource in the very beginning itself. This in-turn helps organizations to reduce risks and cost involved in letting a bad hire into their system.

Verifitech India offers a range of Background verification services in Hyderabad and Amaravati.

Employment Background Verification

  • Ex- employment verification
  • Address verification
  • Educational Documents verification
  • Criminal records check

Cab- Driver Verification

  • Address verification
  • Criminal records check (Court Database)
  • Ex-employment (on request)

House-keeping staff Verification

  • Address verification
  • Criminal records check (Court Database)
  • Ex-employment (on request)



For large organizations that outsource their requirements like Stationery supplier, house-keeping, transportation etc. to external vendors, Verifitech India also provides Vendor / Supplier due-diligence.

Vendor Due-Diligence

  • Corporate address verification
  • Neighborhood check
  • Legal records check
  • Financial records check
  • Reputation analysis etc.

With the changing culture of Hyderabad in mind, Verifitech India also provides 2 more important services and these are

  • Psychometric Analysis
  • Drug Test

Background Verification is the key to mitigate risks in hiring and build trust with the new hires. Organizations today are slowly updating themselves about the importance of Background verification in Hyderabad. Join the revolution to create a safe and trustful work environment in your organization while safeguarding your organization as well from data theft/ Information theft and other risks!

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