Basic Background Check vs. Proper Employee Background Verification

Employee background verification has proven as a crucial aspect in a volatile hiring scenario. The process involved in hiring a person has evolved and now the hiring a human resource definitely requires proper selection mechanism in place. In India, most organizations are yet to give importance to the background verification process as it deserves. A recent global level study reveals that about 90 percent of systematized sector undertake at least some form of background checks while 95 percent of companies that fall under the unorganized sector is still hiring without any background check. But, as data states many companies have integrated the background verification process but the serious question is, “Are they effective?” In employee verification process, every in-house Human Resource department’s prevalent norm is to conduct a reference check on work history based on the information provided by a candidate. We are one of the best background verification companies in India offering proficient services in the field of verification.

Here are the few facts that say why an employer should be considering third-party background verifiers for employee screenings:

Security threats: An organization that runs with numerous employees faces unique security threats. Employees are more likely to have a criminal record or a history of drug and alcohol and physical abuse which pose dangerous threats to the other employees, clients and organization’s reputation. In such cases, mere going through the basic background checks are not sufficient to ensure safety and security of the environment.

Suspicious pasts: Candidates with a checkered past are more likely to apply for jobs where background verification are not conducted so their past actions do not put in danger their chances for employment. But with the third party verifiers, it is very easy to by-pass the work history of any particular employee.

Accessibility: Third-party workers hired by outsourced human resources agencies, like maintenance professionals or housework crews, every so often have access to the whole of a workplace, and they may or may not have been background verified by the company that is outsourcing them to your business.

So to curb all such incongruities, perhaps it is time that businesses go the extra mile and conduct a detailed background verification on their employees with third party professional verifiers for effective results.

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