When you are starting out on the road for recruiting some new talent for your company, the process may seem to be daunting. Sifting through countless resumes and sitting through numerous interviews can leave a bad taste in your mouth, no matter how great the candidates may be. Recruiters are constantly looking for a person who could adapt to the position swiftly and efficiently, they are the top preferred kind of people. Working with third-party verifiers can make the process go far more smoothly. Verifitech India – we are regarded as top preferred Employee Background Verification Companies in India.

Assessing the candidates can be very difficult with traditional interview methods. Fortunately, there are career personality assessment tests that can make it simpler. Candidates answer a different type of questions and the responses exhibit certain character traits. The more answers that correspond with a particular trait, the more likely that person are to exhibit associated communication styles or general behaviors.

 Some of the popular tools are the DISC test and Myers Briggs personality test


Generally, the evaluation will identify how open / shielded a person is. It also places individuals on a scale of assertiveness vs. apathy. American Psychological Association has certified the test method as valid wherein the results can be compiled quickly.


The Myers Briggs test ideally uses a question-based method to identify an individual’s preferences for,

  • Extrovert or Introvert
  • Sensing or Intuition
  • Thinking or Feeling
  • Judging or Perceiving

The Myers Briggs assessment provides the reliable insights needed to be improved on the performance of your people, teams and organization.

The above mentioned tests are most popular ones and there are also some puzzle-solving tests and pattern-recognition wherein some of the puzzles may be quite difficult which tests the problem-solving ability and the determination to stick to a problem. The knowledge gained from these tools can greatly improve the odds of hiring a person who will swiftly integrate into the new team.

To benefit your recruitment process with such a valuable scientific assessments, third-party verifiers are the best to conduct personality assessments for recruiting the right candidate.

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