Cab Driver Verification

Considering the increase in crime rate in today’s world, don’t you really think it’s very important to verify the identity, behavior and the criminal record of a cab driver?


Why cab driver verification is crucial?

If a cab driver is involved in any criminal offenses or malpractices your business and reputation will be spoiled and you will not be able to build your business again. Hence we strongly recommend that all kind of cab services needs further security measures to be adopted that includes of Cab drivers, so the Cab Driver Background Verification becomes inevitable without any doubt.


Why you need to choose Verifitech to do the cab driver verification for you?

We have professionals trained in process verifications and provide you complete background verification report on the person. We have the following checks for Cab driver background verification described in detail below:

We verify the addresses of the drivers and housekeepers. The verification is not only limited to the current address but also includes the past addresses for the period of seven years on which they have lived.

We also provide detailed document verification where all the documents provided are verified to ensure their legibility. These documents may include Driving license, work permit, Identity proof, Address proof etc.

The documents are thoroughly checked for their originality as well as also to make sure that they comply with latest Government guidelines. We ensure that the client gets the personals with correct documents only and help them in adherence to latest compliance.

We provide detailed Criminal Record Checks of the personals and maintain a thorough record of the past of the cab drivers.

We also have Ex-police officers working for on the Criminal Identification process which helps in providing the accurate information about the criminal history of the Cab drivers and housekeepers.

Within the verification we also include a detailed report about all those places where the person has worked in past. Apart from the location and name of past places where the person has worked in past, it also comprise the details of the behaviour and character of the person while working at the past places.

Thus, this detailed report will ensure that the client gets the accurate information about the person. The clients can use this report to make sure that their customer can be secure about the Cab Driver with whom they are travelling or the Housekeepers those are working in their Office / Homes.

While delivering the verification, the first thing we ensure is the accuracy and correctness of the information, we deliver to the client through our Quality Control Back Check process.

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