Current Job Oppurtunities

Fresher- Field Executive- Full Time

Requirements- 10th Pass out (Training will be provided)

Compulsory- Bike with valid license

Contact- +91 9176663777, +91 9962112036 | hr@verifitech.com

Fresher- Background Verification Executive- Full Time

Requirements- Education no bar.

Compulsory- Basic computer knowledge and communication skills.

Location – Chennai

Contact- +91 9176663777, +91 9962112036 | hr@verifitech.com

Pre-Sales Executive(Tele caller) – Female

With 1 – 1.5 years Experience

Location – Bangalore / Chennai

Contact- +91 9176663777, +91 9962112036 | hr@verifitech.com

Marketing : Business Development Executive- Male

With 1 – 1.5 years Experience

Location – Bangalore / Chennai

Contact- +91 9176663777, +91 9962112036 | hr@verifitech.com



Working on anytime

Keep a step ahead with “VerifiTech India” to give a sense to your valuable career. We seek on innovative talents. We don’t rely on slavery kind of works. We look for smart work. We provide flexibility to our employees, our assets, to work anytime and not in fixed hours or round the clock. We await the commendable output with smartness.

Interesting Culture

“Great People, Joy-filled work, Interesting Culture” is ours. A good profession is not just on remuneration and allowances. Verifi Tech believes, a workplace with fun, not miserably under pressure, a place of knowledge in parallel with enjoyment, yields the more positive outcomes. Our work culture makes employees to work in much relaxed and motivating atmosphere by providing time to entertain and improve communication bond between VerifiTech employee.

We indeed express our cordial gratitude to our employees’ families as we trust; their families’ are a backbone for Verifi Tech’s mounting success. Without our employees”, it will be questionable to define “Verifi Tech”. This tends us to make a comfortable and the happiest culture for them to work wholeheartedly and this makes VerifiTech to stand out from the crowd.

Look around awareness

Solely relying on self-thoughts will not help a snooper to make a booming background detect. Feed your thoughts with awareness to look around what happens beyond your opinion. Look deep and peep into the things happening around you. Analyze the hidden truth. Be unbolted and be a person aware of what transpires around you rather than sticking to self-thoughts.

Job Justification and how to Benefit out of it

We give you the privacy to work the way you prefer, honestly. In return, we need solely your worthy results to make VerifiTech the most promising organization with its remarkable service offerings to the public. Do your part, Justify your responsibility and be a Beneficiary out of it.

Learn and Analyze

We are the learners of the chapters of a book, the Life. Learn every moment in your Job, at Verifi Tech. Love your job. Analyze the pros and corns. Utilize the learnt things in building your job tasks and get rewarded. Crack out the challenges by learning and analyzing everything in your job as learning has no Age or limit. VerifiTech is the best place to get learned, get trained and to apply views on jobs.

Confidence level improvement

Confidence level is extremely significant in almost every aspect of our lives yet many more struggles to find it out. Career in VerifiTech energizes your confidence level, motivates you to take on promising tasks and makes you to prove yourself, the best.


Whatever may be the source of any information, wisdom is to extract and assimilate the truth in it! THIRUVALLUVAR (Circa 100 B.C.)

Communication        Training Program        Ex-employee


Communication - Not only in speaking level but how to convey, how to pull out

Every communication arises where certain doings are expected or intended. What is the use of a communication remaining unstated? If not expressed, why should you communicate? Communication should not be unsound simply being collection of alphabets, C-O-M-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-I-O-N.

A meaningful statement weighs up only if it is put into actions across the situation or person concerned. We at Verifi Tech make people to express their wholesome ideas and also let those ideas to get conveyed in a lively manner.

Adopt psychological approach

To make background verification with huge potential with notable results, one must approach the situation psychologically. Snooping on a background really needs to think psychologically on either party.

Understanding the client perspective on their demand is a must. Entire mindset, sensation and expectations of a client should be well understood by a “Verifi Tech” person to provide a customer focused, an accurate and a quality driven information on the client’s verification service request.

Improve interpersonal skills

Every moment of our life needs interpersonal skills to interact with people both in person and in groups. People who develop interpersonal skills stay the most successful in the world. Attitude and behaviours of every individual varies where, this skill should be developed to handle every persons passing the lifetime.

VerifiTech formulates you to improve such interpersonal skills aiding to fly with colours in both professional and personal lives by tutoring how to, when to, what to, why to and where to deliver the talks.

Gathering info on the situation manner

A person of “Verifi Tech” should be of gathering information matching the situations. In lieu of being messed up with irrelevant and less priority info, appropriate collection of probing data is primarily wanted. To balance both the time and money of the client, a “Verifi Tech” person should focus on what actually required gathering, instead of deviating from the aim of client requirement.

Observation skills

It is quite easy not to pay attention happening around us. But having attentiveness of what’s happening around really need lots of consciousness. For a good Backdrop checker, traits like observing people, situations, events and thinking critically on what they see or face in fact matters.

Skills to filter out what actually and foremost required and not required should be known by the observer to be a good background tracker. We encourage and welcome such scrutinizing talents to be a part of VerifiTech India who well suits for probing tasks. Listening, Observing and Tracing out the facts are important for a verification process.

Apply in real-time Life

All skills gained remaining stagnant are of vain. We learn things only to apply in real life. Applying the skills in real-time is significant. We give the job to you to apply your skills lively to get the works done. We here at VerifiTech give confidence and make you the path to apply your skills and applicable thoughts on the work you do.

How much truth in it?

As per the words, “From whomsoever one hears about a thing, it is wisdom to understand the true import of it”, digging out its genuineness is appropriate to produce the information on background find requests. Every fact may reflect as true but a snooper should excavate the entire realness of the event by asking queries on the concerned. The outcome should expose the certainty and this is the primary goal of a background hunting company.

Training Program

To sharpen the saw

To get ready to involve into the combat of challenging background enquiry, training is provided for candidates. All requisites to undergo verification tasks will be tutored to the candidates with practical knowledge on how to implement the learned facts.

Different perspective to achieve the goal

To crack a goal, thinking in different perspective is a way to tackle it. Handling towards the goal in a single way may sponge up the time and energy. We train people on how to achieve their ambition by thinking broader and working efficiently with various perceptions

Skill motivation in work and Life

For being a successful professional and to lead a meaningful life, motivation plays a key role. Without motivation, nothing can be achieved. We guide people on how to motivate themselves towards life and career goals. Not only motivation, we teach them how to persevere the motivation gained to fly greater heights in life.

Compulsory work from home

VerifiTech allows employees to work from home a day on routine week and this made obligatory for everyone. This makes workers happy and more productive. Work from home option is provided to any employees to analyze their degree of interest on their jobs when in different atmosphere and how they confront to work in domestic environment where, their work from home activities are also tracked by the management.

Same environment, same work pushes an employee to boredom. This worn-out situation can be inverted by allowing a change in their atmosphere and so that, they get boosted up and get stress decreased.

This choice nullifies employee attrition and enhances employee’s efficiency to make them believe their workplace, the most pleasurable tech sphere to work with.

We encourage work from home for topmost reasons from employee perceptions like environment friendly, more time with family, less stressful environment, quieter atmosphere, reduce frequent commuting, less distractions, more productive, avoid traffic, save gas, work & home balance.

Token of appreciation

As by the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history”, a motivated and encouraged individual gains the power to face any life or work challenges to snatch the victory. We take chances to appreciate their deeds to build effective employee power here at “VerifiTech”

Not only maximal count of verification but how smart to identify the negative reasons, fakes, frauds, new tricks

Our aim not only winds up with maximum verification count but in parallel, discover the controversial, fraud and fake information. We concentrate on finding out new tactics and tricks to lever a verification process both psychologically and technologically.

Monthly outstanding performance award

Our firm, Verifi Tech believes, Understanding and rewarding a right employee is a chief way to intensify their productivity towards the organization. This as well induces strong competition amid employees to flourish better and better. We won’t leave their accomplishments unaccredited. We value their works and endeavors which makes “VerifiTech” a victorious concern by awarding them. On monthly routine, we identify the extraordinary performers and will motivate them by gifting their efforts. This gives an opportunity to the employees to leverage positive outputs.

Current Opening

VerifiTech India is always on the lookout for talented professionals, who are best in the field of expertise. We don’t just acknowledge skilled – we rejoice upon it, we support it and we prosper on it for the benefit of our employees, our services and our organization.

Explore career opportunities… Explore yourself… with Verifi Tech India… with opportunities that await you…


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Naresh,Ex -Employee

Verifitech India is a growing company and they have more clients and more things they have.  First of all I would like to Thanks Mr. Raju, VT services for giving opportunities

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