DID YOU KNOW? We Human beings have one very careless habit.

Unless and until we are faced with a very adverse situation, we never take any precautionary steps. We buy a helmet only after we have met with an accident. We opt for vehicle insurance only after we have lost the vehicle! After we are faced with something bad, only then we go out of our way to see to it that the same thing never repeats. We at Verifitech India were contacted by a client very recently and their story was absolutely interesting.

This is a well-known manufacturing industry which has stood upright for over 25+ years. While hiring, the organization hires with much care and the employees would stay with the organization for years. However, off late, they were facing a few situations that they had never faced before. The candidate, at the time of the interview, seemed to be honest and trustworthy but after joining, his incompetency at work leads to the fact that he had submitted fake work experience. Yet another candidate, seemingly well-educated and well behaved, had submitted fake salary slip just to obtain an offer letter with a high remuneration. He just wanted to use the offer letter to get into a better job and when the organization heard about it, they had to take necessary actions to stop the candidate from misusing their offer letter and spoiling their reputation in the process.

Now, the management is on full alert and even if it is just 1 or 2 hires in a month, they want the candidates to undergo a professional background verification before selecting and onboarding them. When they reached out to Verifitech India for Professional Background Screening services, we were of course more than happy to help. However, we also realized that we had a responsibility for here to go ahead and highlight this incident so that everyone can take away some lesson from it.

It doesn’t matter if your organization is small or large. It doesn’t matter if you are on boarding just 1 or 2 candidates in a month or 100s of candidates on a regular basis. Every business and every company needs a protection plan or an escape clause when it comes to hiring. Bad hires is not limited to talentless and incompetency anymore. In fact, most problems are created by those who are absolutely smart, presentable and highly convincing.

That is where the third party professional background verifiers come into action. For us, every candidate is one and the same. There is no partiality or fair play involved in the background verification process. We follow a simple algorithm and we follow it sincerely and diligently for every candidate alike. We then put together all our findings in a comprehensive report which will help the organizations to take a call regarding the candidates. So the organizations can go ahead with their hiring process without any doubts or suspicions in their mind, as we stand up as the backbone, supporting the whole process from back-end.

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