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In a recent survey, Google has revealed that they themselves have fired over 40 employees in the last 2 years alone, due to sexual harassment issues at the workplace.

It is a well-known fact that Google is among the top 20 most desirable employers in the world. Which means, every graduate who is looking to start their career and every employee who is looking for a job change, find working for Google very desirable. Which also means that Google will be receiving thousands of resumes and job applications on an everyday basis! Apart from finding the candidate who is the right fit for the job role, Google would also be going out of its way to make sure that the candidate is the right fit for the organization and its culture. Yet, the organization is facing situations of harassment and misbehavior at the workplace.

What is the solution?

On analyzing this predicament, some of the industry leaders in the professional background verification service seem to have a solution. It is clearly understood that, how much ever strict verifications are done on the candidate at the hiring stage, it still seems to fall short. This is because the person keeps changing continuously as the situations around them keep changing as well. A once financially strong person may have gone bankrupt or a person who lived in a villa might now be living in slums and so on. The other way around could be true too. Change is the only constant in this world and the same goes for employment background verification.

To deal with this ever-changing world and to always stay on top of things, the industry leaders suggest performing professional third-party background verification services on a regular basis, both on new joiners as well as the existing employees. It could either be on a yearly basis or half-yearly basis, whichever suits the organization. Especially few components like address verification, criminal records verification, and financial records check should be verified on a cyclical basis on the existing employees too. You never know, the employees may be facing charges or may have criminal records after joining the organization.

How does this help the organization?

A professional background verification is a way to understand and confirm on just the candidate’s education and experience. Through address verification, we can understand the candidate’s family status as well as get to know the candidate more on a personal level. Neighborhood check helps to understand the candidate’s life from a third person’s point of view. During the ex-employment verification, the candidate’s performance and behavior in the previous workplace can also be understood. The same goes with education verification where the candidate’s behavior, achievements/ failures, etc. can be obtained.

Checking criminal records and court database is almost a mandate for each and every employee, new or existing, for obvious reasons! Moreover, if any fraudulence or discrepancies are found in the submitted documents, the employer can be forewarned that the candidate will surely try to use backdoors and shortcuts at the organization as well. This whole process holds true for both, new employees as well as the existing ones.

Hence, performing background verification on a cyclical basis could help mitigate risks and further ensure the safety of the employees working in the organization. It is a solution that many enterprises and organizations are coming to accept in recent times. Because, when it comes to the safety and reputation of the organization, it is very important to stay on top of things at all times.

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