Conducting Employee Background verifications are necessary MORE THAN EVER!!!

Hiring the best and rejecting the rest is the model every business organization should follow to stand high and reputed among their competitors. Employee Background verification is known to be the best option to hire good and capable candidates based on scientific assessments. Verifitech India – we are regarded as top preferred Employee Background Verification […]

Basic Background Check vs. Proper Employee Background Verification

Employee background verification has proven as a crucial aspect in a volatile hiring scenario. The process involved in hiring a person has evolved and now the hiring a human resource definitely requires proper selection mechanism in place. In India, most organizations are yet to give importance to the background verification process as it deserves. A […]

Employee Background Verification – Leave No Stones Unturned!

Every time when a business organization wants to recruit a resource for any role, there are a few standard interview procedures that are to be done to invite eligible and talented resources. The role available and the job description must be published on relevant platforms, so that interested candidates can submit their applications for consideration. […]

Employers should run a periodic Background Screening on Current Employees

Employee background verification should be an important part of a company’s recruitment policy. Most of the employers have realized the importance of verification process and have included this cautious practice in their recruitment process. When recruiters verify a candidate’s background and their criminal record is clean, it does not certainly mean that their record remains […]

Which is a Crucial Check in Background Verification?

In the overall process of background verification, to confirm a candidate’s past work experience is the crucial check. The employer must never ever skip this step before he/she provides the candidate a job in their firm. They must completely confirm their job experience with at most care and must not take it lightly in a […]

Why Your Gut Feeling Isn’t Good Enough Anymore

In Recruitment, screening the candidate’s skill, personality and their adaptability to the company’s culture is undoubtedly important. In this competitive business world, not only the employees are seeking the best opportunity, the business firms are in tremendous need of hiring the smart brains too. If your objective is to hire only the best resources, then […]


Forged education documents and certificates are more widespread in our country than most of us are aware of. Due to the intense race for employment in our country, it has become a staple thing for the students to fake or fudges their mark sheets and educational certificates. As we know it is an illegal and […]

Alert today – Alive tomorrow!

Generally, being on drugs is a very harmful thing to do. Driving with the influence of it makes the whole situation ever worse and critical. It is an illegal offence to drive under the influence of alcohol or any kind of drugs.  It will definitely make your accuracy in driving limited. It makes you very […]

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