Drug Test

Drug Test

What is Drug Test?

While consuming any sort of drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin etc. it enters in the body system and leaves traces of it. Drug test is a method of checking a person’s biological samples like blood, urine, hair, sweat, breathe etc. for traces of drugs/ alcohol. One of the most common drug testing is done by traffic department, by performing breathe analysis to identify whether the driver is in the influence of alcohol. In a larger scale, Drug testing is done in the field of sports and in Workplace.


Importance of Drug Testing in Workplace?

Of all the influences available to a human being, Drug is one of the most evil influence there is. The effects of drugs on a person can range anywhere from attention deficiency, irresponsible decision making, senselessness, and unconsciousness to being absolutely fatal.

An employee under the influence of drugs can cause a lot of safety issues in the workplace. They will not be able to make sensible decisions and their work will be affected due to this. However, work efficiency is the least of all issues that could be created by a person abusing drugs. Every day, millions of lives are lost to drug abuse and drug overdose. If such an incident were happen in the work premises, there could be a threat to the safety in the work place and it would affect day to day operations and spoil the reputation of the organization very adversely. Hence, performing Drug tests on employees is a very important necessity in workplaces.


Why choose Verifitech India to perform Drug Test for your employees?

Verifitech India, a premier Background screening company in India partnering with few of the leading diagnostic laboratories across PAN India and signed up MOU with them in order to provide our value added services as an additional support to our esteemed clients across India.Therefore we could cover any remote locations to collect samples to conduct drug tests.

As one of the leading professional third party verification companies in India, Verifitech India provides a clean, unbiased and structured check and reports to our clients. We also provide our services in small and customizable combos to start-ups and small enterprises, as a way of showing our support.

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