Employee Background Screening

What is Employment background screening?

Strength of every organization predominantly based on its Employees. Highly efficient at the same time trustworthy employees are potential Human Capital and the force for the organizational growth achievement. A background screening is to review a person’s commercial, educational, financial and criminal records. So we strongly recommend that every employer should do a background checks before hiring any employees.


Why employers should conduct a background screening?

Head hunting and hiring qualitative employees on board become a struggling process to every organization with an increasing competition. Background screening is a checkpoint that extracts the right candidate for the job.  Though the job portals are filled with thousands of resume, however, they carry all basic details of the person; it doesn’t provide any assurance for the data provided in the portal or the eligibility of the candidate to fit in the position.

Hence, background screening is to ensure that the candidate is suitable for the position and he has no misleading past in terms of behavior and any activity that is illegal.


Why Verifitech should do the background screening for you?

We, at Verifitech understand that how much effort required for an organization to hire a suitable candidate for any position. Our Employment Background Check plays a vital role in the process of screening the candidates and helps the management to have a better control over their Human Capital. Through our quality Employment Background Checks, we help organizations to hire best candidates; and also prevent from hiring frauds and criminals onboard. Our Employment Background Verification mechanism reduces the replacement cost of employee and Helps you saving your time and effort. Pre Employment Verification leads business on the competitive growth!

We offer wide range of Employment Background Checks as listed below:

We at VerifiTech have unique and systematic practice to carry out the Address Verification. We have well-trained Field Investigation Executives across various locations. Our Address Verification Sheet designed in such a way to pictures the Family Background of the candidates with adequate information and observations (We have applied a copyright for our various verification sheets including Address Verification. Our Trained Field Investigation Executives are using a Specialized MOBILE APP for the Address Verification, which is developed by our Technical Team. Verification through VerifiTech MOBILE APP using GPS tracking system gives added value to the Verification process with respect to Authentication for the Check, Accuracy in quality reporting and captures real-time TAT (Turn-around Time).

We at VerifiTech have a separate professional team that focuses on Employment Record Checks of the candidates.

  • In Employment Verification, we collect factual information with respect to the candidate’s past employments up to 7 years which include designation, department, and employee code, period of employment, reporting officer, and last salary drawn and whether exist formally.
  • In addition to Ex-Employment Checks, we also conduct current employment checks in a discreet manner with a different approach than that of previous employment checks whenever required.
  • We validate the candidate’s past / current employment claims and find if any discrepancies in the information provided which helps to take a right decision on hiring process.
  • Discrepancies in the Employment records during the recession period are astonished. We also update and maintain our proprietary data base of fake companies which are providing fake experience certificates. We also conduct physical verification in order to validate the status of the company where ever required.

Percentage of generating fake Educational Certificate is an increasing trend in recent years. Fabrications in the Degree Certificates with respect to the year of passing and class obtained are the majorly found fraudulent practice in general.

We at Verifitech Thoroughly validate and authenticate the Education Certificate in all aspects. We have tie-ups with many Educational institutions and universities to verify their students’ records.

We also discreetly verify the recent past records of the freshers with respect to classes attended and if any adverse remarks with college management/institution. This process helps to protect the organizations from hiring bad element in the initial stage.

Reference check is a part of the pre-employment screening process, and it is a vital practice to determine important aspects such as past performance, teamwork, management skills and trustworthiness etc of candidates. We at Verifitech have designed the Reference Check mechanism with Psychometric tools which is effective Third Party Check than the Reference Checks done by Human Resources Department in any organizations.

  • Our Reference Check helps the employer to look beyond the facts mentioned in the resume.
  • Our Reference Check provides the employer to assess the performance and work ethics of the individual.
  • Our Reference Check helps in avoiding costs associated with failed probation periods and poor performance.

Our CRC aims at complete verification of the police records to access an individual’s criminal history. Investigation of criminal records in India is a bit challenging procedure. Every state police commission has a different procedures and work culture.

  • We have Retired Police Cops in our team which conduct Criminal Record Search based on the procedures instructed by the Police Departments of different states in India.
  • Our Retired Police Cops used to check if any criminal charges, terrorist activities, financial frauds or any misconduct such as cyber crime etc.

It is an essential step in the Employment Vetting Process. With the increase in fraud cases in India, the background check process is incomplete without the assessment of district court database.

Lawyers in our team checks if Candidates have come across any court cases and if any criminal charges pending against them with district court database.

Our Court Database Check aims to provide an ease to the Field investigation department.

We at Verifitech have tie-ups with certain Data Repository bodies and Investigation agencies worldwide, and get support to ascertain the Criminal Records with certain Global Regulatory Authorities.

Some of the countries adopt Data Privacy Laws in their Judicial System which restricts any kind of Information flow. However our Overseas Corporate Relationship helps us in such occasions on case to case basis in extracting the required information from different global source.

We at Verifitech engage the team of professionals of Retired Bankers and Chartered Accountant and Cost Accountants for the Credit History Analysis of Individuals. Our Credit History Analysis gives an overview about the sense of responsibility level, reflects the pattern of decision making and also Credit Worthiness of the Candidates for Managerial Positions for Mid / Top Level Management especially for financial matters.

We consider checking the documents based on the availability such as PAN Card, Bank Statements, Loan facilities availed, Credit Card, Assets and Properties.

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