Exit Interviews

Exit Interviews

Exit Interviews

Exit interviews are conducted to know why the employees are leaving and their feedback on the current process of the organization. This helps to identify pros and cons of the organization, where it is doing well and the areas to improve.

Why you need a third party vendor to do the exit interview process for your organization?

When an exit interview is conducted internally, do you think that you get the honest feedback from the employees? Even if you get honest and straight forward feedback is it been brought to the management attention?  There are several advantages when a third party is involved in conducting exit interviews.

Third party reduces the time required for you to compile the exit interviews and conduct based on your requirement. This helps you to receive genuine feedback to increase your retention rates, participation rates will be higher, results or feedback are kept highly confidential. This helps to identify the open issues which you may not be aware of; to reduce the risk of internal management process, behavior of an employee which requires immediate attention.


Why do you need Verifitech for handling your Exit Interviews?

Verifitech helps you to manage the process of acquiring former employee feedback and can save lot of time and resource required. We have the below check for conducting the exit interviews, which helps you to give an insight into recruiting, on boarding and training , management process and behavior issues may be revealed.

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