House – Keeping Staff Verification

House – Keeping Staff Verification

Housekeeping staffs are involved in managing the duties in running a household or an organisation in terms of cleanliness and maintaining at a highly desirable ambience.  So there is lot of safety issue involved in inviting them into your home or office. With proper background verification we can help you to keep you and your family and your office premises and data safe.


Why you should require background verification for housekeeping staff?

The housekeepers have the entire detailed information about the Office / House, in which they work, and can access all the restricted and secured areas, now you can imagine how vital is to verify your housekeeping staffs.


Why Verifitech to do the verification for you? 

Being aware of the importance to know all vital information about the housekeepers, we have various checking scales to make certain there is no misusage of the office data and premises.

We have the following checks for housekeeping background verification:

We have a systematic approach and practice to carry out the address verification with detailed document verification including driving license, work permit, Identity proof, Address proof etc.

We at Verifitech have tie-ups with certain Data Repository bodies and Investigation agencies worldwide, and get support to ascertain the Criminal Records with certain Global Regulatory Authorities and their genuineness and existence of the staffs.

Some of the countries adopt Data Privacy Laws in their Judicial System which restricts any kind of Information flow. However our Overseas Corporate Relationship helps us in such occasions on case to case basis in extracting the required information from different global source.

Hence, ascertaining the criminal records is one of the exclusive tasks performed by us. Thus, we ensure the client that the secured and restricted area information they share with their housekeeping staffs are safe and secure.

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