Importance of running background checks on existing employees

It is a common practice to run a background check on new hires. It may come to a surprise to many when a company does background verification for its existing employees. Being not a common practice among all industries this verification processes a question should an employer consider running Background Verification Companies In Bangalore on existing?

Why verify current employees?

Most of the employees once they land in a job the life moves on. If a person works for the same company for a long time, it is common to assume that anything outside the company will not affect their professional life. But when a company thinks in broader angle then there will be a lot many valid points to conduct background checks on existing employees.


If an employee acts weird inside the office and puts others at risk, then it is the duty of the employer to conduct an updated background check on the employee.

Damage to the company

The reputation of the company will be totally damaged if its employee is caught involved in criminal activities, so the employer has the moral ground to conduct a background screening on its employees if there is any suspension.

What might happen when you screen current employees?

A company should first be clear about the possibilities before turning to the screening process. Because by conducting this verification process there is a potential risk of losing a great employee. Not only this, there other things to consider too,

  • It may seem like discrimination is only one section of the employees are screened where others are not.
  • The findings from the screening may not be relatable to the work performed.

How to obtain consent for background checks?

Just like fresh candidates, current employees are required to sign a consent to a background check. This may damage the employer-employee relationship as the employee may feel that his/her personal life should not be subjected to background checks. So if a company decides to run background checks on its current employees, it is better to ask the consent that they will be under background verification every two years during their joining date. Also, It is best to make consent to the background verification process a positive experience because it may help the employees understand that screenings process may ensure the safety and security of every person in the company.

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