Important Facts Unveiled by Employment History Verification

HRs and recruiters will spare great effort to hire the best candidates by testing their skills. However, the
conventional ways of hiring are not enough in this decade were lying about the experience and forging
resumes are quite common. This led to the Employment verification process becoming industry standard
to avoid any bad hires.

Employment History verification is one of the processes involved in background screening. The practice
of approaching the previous employer to cross-check the tenure, experience and other skills can show
how successful the candidate at work. Usually, a general interrogation is done by the third-party
background verification companies to verify the competence and abilities of the candidate to take the job.
At the same time, it allows the recruiters to understand the applicant’s relationship with the previous
employer. If done right this process will unveil the information’s about the candidate that is absent in the

Potential and work experience
By approaching the former employers we can confirm the potential of the candidate to take tasks and
complete them within time. Not only this, it reveals their capacity to perform under pressure situations (like
tight schedule, lack of other resources).
Authentication of the resume
It is a common phenomenon around the world, especially in India to fake the resume about their
experience. This scenario can be avoided by conducting Background Verification Companies In Hyderabad which will reveal the
actual years a candidate has worked under a particular employer.

Confirm Remuneration
The most usual forgery done by candidates is lying about the overall Remuneration received from the
previous company. As candidates are frequently striving for better salary it is common for them to fake
their past Remuneration. So with the employment history verification as a medium, we can confirm the
exact remuneration a candidate was receiving.

Achievements and Titles
Previous Achievements and Titles can be very helpful in deciding the candidate’s eligibility for the new job
and responsibility. The former titles and positions held by the candidate can hint about the potential to
handle the new position. Most times we can confirm the candidate’s former title with simple background

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