Post-Hiring Verification vs Pre-Hiring Verification – What’s the difference?

Today’s job market is filled with aggressive job seekers ready to grab any chance to get a job, even it means doing fraud. Hiring a candidate without appropriate background verification can lead to rehiring and as result incompetence of the company. Ignoring professional background verification will directly affect the brand name and business reputation bundled with time, effort and good employees. So to make sure not such events are happening companies must put more emphasis on whether the candidate’s details are verified before hiring them. These aids the companies not only in hiring the candidate but also with verifying further details about him/her in the post-hiring verification.

Pre-employment verification

Job seekers at some times tend to edit/ or provide false information to match specific job preferences. Most of the times the HR professionals don’t realize that they are wasting a lot of effort in a manipulated resume that has false past experience, exaggerated job details, false employment dates.

What does it mean?

It guarantees the reliability of the candidate’s resume. The Top 10 Background Verification Companies In Chennai carry out a series of checks that endorse details and credentials of the job applicants resume. Everything from the candidate’s criminal records, employment history, and educational qualifications is examined with a thorough check. Added to its reason for leaving the previous job, salary slips and recommendations letters are cross-checked as well.

What makes it important?

It makes the hiring process less wearisome by helping you take accurate decisions. Through a pre-employment verification, companies can acquire dependable employees and save a lot of time and cost.

Post-employment verification

Company’s reputation can be seriously affected by the employees holding higher positions as they have access to critical and confidential information.  Misusing such access would lead to huge loss for any company as employees could leak future plans & strategies; manipulate the database, damage company’s reputation.

What does it mean?

By post-employment verification, we can track activities of employees during their tenure with the organization. To curb such issues, Background Verification Companies in India conducts a timely evaluation on the employees to ensure straight forward business flow. If an employee is involved in immoral activities like theft, cheating, internal fraud then it is directly brought to the knowledge of higher authorities.

What makes it important?

Most importantly, such verification process aids in preventing the issues like misuse of confidential information and copyright claims. This also guards the company’s reputation by stopping any internal frauds and misbehaviors.

Both this verifications are important for avoiding incompetent employees from damaging the company’s reputation. But pre-employment verification is inevitable as it fallows the “prevention is better cure” principle.

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