Psychometric Analysis

Psychometric Analysis

Psychometric Analysis

Psychometric Testing?

Psychometric analysis should be considered as one of the most important check in a candidate screening process. The psychometric testing will help you to decide the recruitment of a candidate during the pre employment and post employment process based on the insight of the qualities and competencies of a candidate.


Why it is necessary to conduct the psychometric analysis before recruiting a candidate?

Psychometric analysis can provide an accurate details about the ethical behavior of a candidate and his/her personal integrity prior to an appointment which helps you to reduce the cost involved in recruiting an unsuitable candidate. So if a candidate fails the test, they are lagging in recognizing their weak areas or ignoring the strong areas which gives you picture about the candidates attitude and their effort taken on developing their skills.

Psychometric test is extensively used in organizations and educational institutions to identify the most suitable candidate, highly potential candidates for key positions, and psychologically well- being employees.

Why Verifitech should conduct the Psychometric analysis for you?

Verifitech provides you the results of candidate’s psychometric analysis, including both past and current behavior patterns through our comprehensive screening process.  We are conducting the following checks with customization based on our client’s requirements:

  • Cognitive ability tests

We have more than 20 tests with all legal requirements to measure the characteristics of candidates including aptitude, intelligence, logical reasoning and thinking and competency test to give you a professional insight of candidates past and  current performance, and future potential of employees.

  • Personality assessments

The tools we use to assess the personality development gives you a detailed report on candidate’s strength and weakness, their individual potentials, leadership qualities, sales abilities, etc to choose the right candidate for your organization.


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