Rising Crime Highlights the Need for Background Verification

We are living in a world which is full of lies and deceits all around. Crimes such as drug abuse by employees, white collar crime, sexual harassment, etc. in the workplaces are growing with the negligence of Background verification by some employers.

In order to protect your company from such potential risks, background verification is required before making a hiring decision.

Being answerable to any issue at the workplace gives employers a point to be careful while checking the past of the applicants.

In recent times, almost every employer, conduct background verification on applicants due to various reasons & the process of background verification differs as per the nature of job position candidates apply for. Verifitech India – we are regarded as top preferred Employee Background Verification Companies in India.

Are you still not convinced about the need for background checks? Read on.


Do you know the probability of hiring a wrong applicant?

One out of every six (1:6) candidates hold misrepresented records to induce you into offering them the job.  There are many applicants who try to get hired by means of fake degrees & false employment records.

Simple background verification uncovers this fraud & ceases you from hiring the wrong applicant.


Current Scenario of Resume Fraud

  • 53% of all the job applications contain false detail. [Source-Society of Human Resources Management]
  • 9% of the applicants falsely affirmed that they had a college degree, listed false employers that didn’t even exist. [Source-Hubspot]

 Your negligence could cost you the safety of your workers

Neglecting employee drug tests & criminal checks attributes to workplace violence & misconduct. An employee with a history of criminality & drug abuse are unpredictable & pose a threat to the other employees of your organization.

A substance abuser besides struggling with productivity will also hinder the performance of his or her co-worker with their improper behavior.


Drug Abuse Problem Faced in the Workplace

  • Drug & Alcohol abusers are engaged in approx. 20-25% of workplace accidents. [Source-workplace Prevention Programmes]
  • Around 47% of industrial accidents & 40% of industrial fatalities could be linked to alcoholism. [Source-Business Group Health]

Drug tests & criminal checks avoid such mishaps. It makes your office serene & a better place to work.

Background verification must be a mandatory part of your organization’s onboarding process to mitigate the risks highlighted above.

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