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Generally, being on drugs is a very harmful thing to do. Driving with the influence of it makes the whole situation ever worse and critical. It is an illegal offence to drive under the influence of alcohol or any kind of drugs.  It will definitely make your accuracy in driving limited. It makes you very unstable. Inaccuracy will increase the chances of an accident eventually. Here are some of the signs of people who drive along the influence of drugs:

  • They do not react in time to an unprecedented condition due to abridged ability
  • They have a poor vision and the blurred vision leads to the distortion of the road/traffic.
  • They tend to take risks excessively and are unable to conclude when the risk is beyond control and too serious.
  • Most vulnerable characteristic is the inability to evaluate the speed or distance of another vehicle or a pedestrian.


Driving under the impact of drugs might pave the way to the employment loss and even imprisonment. In some worst case, it might lead to a critical injury or even death, both to the person influenced by drug and the opposite person in the calamity or a pavilion.

Impact on the Organization


The driver’s actions will not only affect him and the passenger in the cab. His actions affect the whole organization. It impacts the whole trust that the company had strived hard to build for several years. One seed is enough to spoil the whole crop. Reputation Management process is crucial in any business organization and, it is at stake when you have not included Employee background verification in your recruitment process. The cost of a bad hire just doesn’t simply end with an unsuccessful business. One mistake made out of negligence can cause serious problems for the reputation of a business.


Many cases have been filed against cab drivers for their misconduct on the behavior and, the count keeps on increasing with respect to molestation and harassment cases on passengers. Now big players have understood the need for a proper background check on their recruits and the issue has come to the forefront again. Also, merely running a background check will not meet the purpose. Recruiters should run a detailed background check on their recruits with the assistance of third-party verifiers. Background verification experts (i.e.) a third party verifier will have access to a few sensitive information like a criminal record and real past experience etc. With the verifiers from Background Verification Companies In India, recruiters can check whether a cab driver was involved in any criminal activity or malpractices. The traffic offenses such as excess speed, drunk & drive cases of their past will also be checked thoroughly.


Employee background verification is inevitable in today’s market to avoid possible threats that has a potential to demolish your hard earned reputation. Hurry up in case you have not included background verification in your employees. Turn off your ticking time bomb by doing what you must have done earlier!


“Don’t Get High, Reach For The Sky!”

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