Significance of Confidentiality in Background verification process

Confidentiality is very important for an industry like background screening which often handles sensitive data. Companies have hundreds of personal information about their employees and interview applicants in their hands which make them responsible to ensure that it is confidential and does not get misused in any way.

Companies should confidently ensure data security to their employees and job applicants. This is vital not only for ethical and legal considerations but also due to proprietary reasons. If any data is compromised then all the parties’ involved (Background verification company, employer and employee) will be affected negatively.

Things that could happen if the information is leaked

First, if the employee’s data is compromised then his/her reputation can be damaged. Second, the company can lose its employee’s critical data to its competitors and the third-party background verification will find itself in a very critical situation. Not only this will destroy their reputation but also lead to huge financial loss for both the employer and the Background Verification Companies In Hyderabad.

As a company ask yourself these questions

As a company, it is your responsibility to effectively preserve sensitive information’s.   So every employer should ask these questions to check itself in line when it comes to information security.

Barriers you are facing regarding data access

It is a norm that companies have a strict procedure for accessing sensitive data. If you are an employer ask yourself how secure and strict your current procedure is, and how reliable your technology is. Also, verify what steps someone should take to be able to access the information even if they are authorized.

Is the data only accessible by an authorized person?

In your company make sure that only the people who are in need should have access to the data. Otherwise, offer access to the employees who need the information to do their work.  This process will act as a strong firewall.

Who can access the report?

Sometimes the screening reports can be a negative one like inconsistent information’s provided by the candidate. This negative report should only be accessible by only authorized personnel.  In other words, the false information’s provided by the applicant or negative reports should be accessible to those who are on the need to know basis.

Other things you can do

  • Do regular internal information security audit on regular intervals.
  • Employ information control mechanism.
  • Control paper movement.
  • Imply restrictions to use data card, pen drives in the office premises.

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