Things every employer should know about building an effective screening program

Employee background verification is now common in industry and has proven to be very efficient in the recruitment and employee retention process. Still it’s very crucial to regularly review, standardize and upgrade the policies to achieve the best possible results. Enriching your employment screening programs doesn’t always require complex changes but even the minor ones makes a great deal impacts in the business organization. As the matter of fact, opting third party employee background verifiers has gained its momentum due to certain advantages like unbiased conclusions, real picture of the actual incidents, accuracy in evaluation etc. This in turn improvises the overall employee and organizational value and lets us get the detailed view of potential ways to build an effective screening program.

Ways to build an effective screening program:

Assets of third party Background screening are very much crystal clear, specifically towards the financial service sector –APAC Employment Screening Benchmark Report these sectors respondents as improved regulatory compliance as one of the top three benefits of employee screening.

Aside from legitimate and consistence prerequisites, organizations need a sharp comprehension of the particular needs and extent of activities and actualizing the important personal investigations that are important to address the inalienable inner and outside dangers which are about to come for their business.

For example, the Reserve Bank of India requires that non-banking financial companies ensure that adequate personnel verifications processes are established in order to ensure that criminals are prohibited from misusing banking or financial channels.  For businesses in the financial industry in India. So for that every third party employee background screening companies in Chennai, Bangalore and all over India provides criminal searches and conducts several credit and financial integrity checks. They include searches of local Session Courts, and Magistrate Courts, in conjunction with a national search of the Supreme Court and High Court as well as index court records of official liquidators; insolvency registers of civil litigation (for defaults over 25 lakhs); scanning registries of the Reserve Bank of India (e.g. defaulters, insolvency); and bankruptcy checks, including the National Company Law Tribunal and the Debt Recovery Tribunal. These takes many long days as the process moves on which is why many of the organization pulls out or ties up with the topmost Background verification Companies in India.

Apart from these checks the third party background verification companies also gives us an ample amount of time for recruiters to select the best of best which fits for their company means Good Hire. These verification also gives many details of an employee such as his/her credit history, criminal records, CV checks, and Educational History, and keeping in mind the importance of ensuring data privacy is maintained. Let us give you some clarity over choosing the best screening provider, they are

  1. Ensure they have the right credentials
  2. Ensure they are equipped to handle cross-border checks
  3. Ensure that they offer smooth and transparent application experience.

There are many things to look after from a Background Verification Companies In Mumbai  above all these three will ensure from avoiding fraudster and choose the best applicant possible.





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