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Taking a cab from office to home has become an everyday thing for many of us office goers in cities. But, have you ever wondered how safe it is? No, we take it very lightly like any other daily activity. The truth is we should be very cautious about it. Let us share you a true story about a tragedy happened for a techie to shed light on how dangerous a cab ride can become.


What actually happened?

This incident happened to a women techie returning from a technopark to her home in a cab. Based on the statement of the victim, the cab driver tried to grab the women’s leg below the knee.  Alarmed by his action the victim shouted at the driver and asked him to stop the car. Following this, terrified of getting caught the driver stopped the car and the women used this chance and got out the cab to safety.

Immediately after the incident the police arrived at the spot but let off the driver by only warning him as the victim doesn’t want to press any charges, according to ACP Pramod Kumar. However, the driver was summoned again by the police due to the complaint registered by the socio-cultural association of Technopark employees (Prathidhwani).

Following this, the victim complained to the taxi company about the incident, who sent her an apology assuring that this kind of incident will not happen again. Later it is found out that the taxi company fired the driver from the service.


How this incident could have been avoided?

Negligence of vital information can lead us to consequences like getting cheated, robbed or harassed. Likewise in this situation, it is the cab company’s negligence of not conducting background verification on its employees which caused this unfortunate incident. If they have done a proper background verification on the driver there is a possibility that they would have come to know about his criminal behavior. Because, usually in a background verification process, everything about the employee is cross-checked like residential address, bonafide from the previous employer, criminal records and complete psychometric analysis.

This Background verification process gives a clear picture of the candidate and lets us determine whether he/she is fit for the job. Especially in a business like a cab service, single misbehavior by a driver can destroy the company’s reputation and eventually its business. In this scenario, if any previous criminal records found on the verification process of the driver, the cab company would not have hired that employee. Thus, this whole situation would have avoided.


What we should learn from this?

Simple background verification could have saved both the victim and the cab company. This is exactly what we do in verifitech, verifying every detail of the job applicants inch by inch to analyze the candidate’s credibility and qualification for the job.



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