Verifitech India now Offers Drug Test as a value added service

Give us a “HIGH” five for Verifitech India has signed up MOU with a few leading Diagnostic centers across India for Drug Test.

Why is this important?

Can you imagine a situation where a person under the influence of drugs is sitting among the best of your employees? Imagine someone who is not in his senses is sitting beside your female colleagues. What would happen if an employee representing your organization to prospective clients is actually a drug addict?

Drug abuse is one of the cruelest predators that is feasting on young lives today. There has been a substantial growth in the usage of drugs as well as lives lost due to drugs. With the modernization of India, today’s generation is faced with all these lifestyle choices and not all are able to choose the right path even for their own health and life. This, in turn, has started affecting the society.

What does it mean to the organization?

Due to the drug usage, people in their altered state of mind start to indulge into a range of activities like rash driving, using physical violence, assaulting people, harassing women etc. On the other hand, they could also be lazy and lethargic, not meeting deadlines and messing up on the projects. This could be a very huge problem especially when it comes to a workplace. People under the influence do not care if they are at work or at home. It is our responsibility to keep such bad elements at bay to ensure a safe and secure work environment.

What does Verifitech India offer?

Our diagnostic partners provide a range of tests to determine the type and amount of drugs used by a person. The test groups include 5 Panel, 6 Panel, 7 panel, 9 panel, 10 panel etc. We also have the facility to arrange for a personal visit for sample collection in case of bulk requirements and the results can be viewed online. Else the candidate can visit the nearest branch of our diagnostic partners to provide their samples. The results shall be confidentially submitted to the management and not the candidate.

The signing up of MOU with some of the leading diagnostic centers in India is just the first step towards eliminating risks related to drug abuse at the workplace. Since we have taken one step, now it is your turn to take the next step towards ridding your workplace of such bad elements and keeping it safe from people under the influence of drugs.

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