Why Social Media background checks shouldn’t be overlooked?

While Social media background checks are not as common as a criminal check and they are becoming common in recent years. Indeed more and more people are becoming selective at what they are posting online due to the following reasons.

For candidates, this could lead to more cautiousness in avoiding damning or offensive online behavior. For companies, the scenario is totally different as it has to depend on the reliability and dependability of the Social Background checks.

Social media Background checks

Before diving into the accuracy of social media checks, let’s take a look at why as a company you feel motivated to use these checks in the first place. In most cases, a company would be looking for behavioral issues in the candidates that wouldn’t show up on the background checks. For example, a person may seem like a very polite person in the interview but would have badmouthed about the former bosses and colleagues on social media. Whatever it may be, a tendency to say bad things or bad judgment, candidate’s social media activities can show what kind of vibe an applicant would bring into the work environment. In short, as a company, you should encourage your recruiters to look into a social media profile to learn about the certain characteristics of different candidates.

The first obstacle for Top Background Verification Companies in Chennai with respect to Social media background check is, actually finding an applicant’s social media account. It is very tough to find the right Facebook account of a candidate with their full name. What if his Facebook name is his middle name or nickname? Pictures may help but not everyone has a headshot photo on Facebook. Due to this, some companies have demanded their candidates to provide Facebook profile as part of the resume process.  Selected candidates can say they don’t have a Facebook account and some even deactivate their account to avoid verification. So editing or deleting anything prior to the interview is feasibly deemed object able by the Background Check Companies in Chennai.

Even if companies find the right profile of the candidate, there is no guarantee that the judgment’s they derive from it will be accurate. Because sometimes sarcastic post can be misinterpreted into a negative tone if you don’t know the person personally. So, finally the Social media background check may or may not be accurate but it gives insight into a candidate’s character which is often missing in a conventional background check for the companies.

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