Workplace safety is a must considerable factor in any business organization. “A happy employee will always be a productive employee”. To have happy, loyal, and satisfied employees, an organization must ensure a safe workplace where employees can work freely and safely. Workplace safety does not mean that a workplace which is completely free of any dangers, but rather that it offers an acceptable level of risk at all scenarios. But such disgraces to the workplace can be avoided with a proper drug usage check. We are recognized as a proficient employee background verification companies in India and we are offering drug check verification utilizing advanced technologies.

Drug abuse is one of the major concerns across the world. Especially in India, the degrees of drug abuse cases are very high. Now, it has reached to a level where the government has to get involved to take necessary actions against negligence hiring. In the most drug abuse wide-ranging list in India, Punjab state topped the list, other states including Goa, Delhi, Kerala, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are following the next ranks in the list.

Why should an organization engage in a drug abuse test?

As per the information of NCADI organizations lose were accounted to lose $100 billion each and every year due to drug abuse of their employees. This amount is a financial cost which can be tracked and calculated but there are other immeasurable costs related to pain, suffering, workplace violence, lack of motivation, and non-attendance.

List of serious consequences of drug users at the workplace:

  1. A hangover that affects job performance.
  2. Improper decision making.
  3. Negative impact on office colleagues.
  4. A high rate of absenteeism.
  5. Aggression, Conflicts, and Violence.
  6. High risk of workplace accidents or injuries.

We are threatened by drug users mainly because of their erratic, reckless, and violent behavior. Long term drug abuse not only one can result in more serious health problems but also make a negative impact on the family, workplace, and professional relationships.

Drug test check as a solution to ensure workplace safety

This is one of the major steps taken by many organizations in India. Either the organization subcontract drug test check to an experts or by organizing different comprehensive workshops at the office premises that can be effective in addressing workplace drug abuse.  So, opt for and never skip drug test check to ensure safe and secured work environment.


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