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A Pinch of Protection is always better than a pound of Cure.

Similarly, Background Verification plays the most vital role of safeguarding your organization’s safety and reputation.


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Employee Background Screening

Employee Background Screening

Through Our quality Employment Background Checks, we help organizations to hire best candidates; and also prevent from hiring frauds and criminals onboard.

Credit Verification

Credit Verification

Ours various Credit Verification Practices such as Contact point and Fraud Risk Mitigation facilitate Banks and Non Banking Finance Companies to take critical decision on the sanction of Credit facilities.

Vendor Due Diligence

Vendor Due Diligence

Through our Vendor screening process, we help the organizations to keep their information and data protected from unauthorized disclosures and maintain a healthy environment in the organization.

Cab Driver Verification

Cab Driver Verification

We provide detailed Criminal Record Checks of the personals to make sure that the customer can be secure about the Cab Driver with whom they are travelling.

House Keeping Staff Verification

House Keeping Staff Verification

They have the entire detailed information about the Office / House, and can access all the restricted and secured areas, therefore it is vital to verify the housekeeping staffs.

Psychometric Analysis

Psychometric Analysis

Our Psychometric testing can provide an accurate indication of the candidate’s personal integrity and ethical behavior in the workplace prior to an appointment.

Exit Interviews

Exit Interviews

Verifitech manages the process of acquiring a client’s former employee feedback and can save a client a lot of time and headache trying to manage the necessary resources on their own.

Why Verifitech?

Why should Verifitech handle you verification processes?

Benefits of having Verifitech as your Verifier.

There are many advantages to having a Verifitech on board to conduct reference checks. We save organizations time and money, as it gives the HR professional the space that would have been spent making reference calls. Our time is more flexible and is available when a referee calls back with a reference. Our Interviewers are experienced and know how to get correct details the very first time and ask for more information whenever necessary. Most importantly, not met the candidate in the past gives us the edge, as there is no interviewer bias and that’s why we are considered as best Background Verification Companies in Bangalore , Hyderabad and throughout India compared to other verification companies.

A resume can only tell you so much about a job candidate. In fact, 53% of the job applications contain inaccurate information.

Verification process requires, good timing, great questions, and outstanding institution; and Verifitech has it.

Company ‘X’ hired, 4000 employees and spends nearly 2 hours per interview costing approximately Rs. 300 per hour, this would amount to Rs. 600 x 4000 which is about Rs. 2400000. Fortunately for Company ‘X’ they used Verifitech to conduct their pre-employment screening and only spent Rs. 1400000 (saved approx. 42% of the actual in-house cost). This not only reduced hiring costs, but saved time for hiring managers so they could focus on other tasks.

Why should Verifitech handle you verification processes?

Cost: More affordable than in-house, as it gives valuable time back that otherwise would have been spent making calls.

Convenience: Verifitech is more time flexible and are available when a referee calls back with a reference.

Quality: Verifitech has expertly trained in-house interviewers, who know how to get the right information and details the first time around and probe for information where necessary. Additionally, calls and interviews are confidential and secure.

Interview bias: Third parties have never met the candidate, so there is no interviewer bias. Verifitech asks questions that are needed in order to get a detailed reference.

And, Verifitech the following general reference check questions templates:

  • Basic – For clients in high turnover sectors, hiring younger, temporary or first-time
  • Standard – For clients filling entry level positions
  • Investigative – For clients hiring professorial, supervisory or specialized
  • Executive – For clients having the highest levels of management.

Verifitech offers industry specific templates, that make it easy to hire the right people the first-time round.

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